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Greetings, and welcome to our online store! We want *you* to have control over your mind and your journey so we have created products for your benefit!  Personal growth CDs, self-help CDs, self-development CDs, books, tools...everything designed for a better you!  So "walk in" and enjoy!

Why us?

With years of experience in psychic fairs (and the mystery arts) these two have decided to offer what moves them, and what has helped them in the past. So this goes out to all of their friends! From online readings (  at  ) to this collection of books and CDs, they feel a kinship with everyone, and they would like to share it with you...

About Us

The two of us, as

Mind2Mind Productions

It was fate that R. Lee Davis was destined to perform. From high school on he has been an actor, dancer, choreographer, and he went to Grant MacEwen Community College's Theatre Arts Program where he studied the triple threat! But somewhere in his early teens he found a passion for magic and mindreading, and that has stayed with him to this very day. His wife, Jen, is a big fan of music in all its varieties, and she writes poetry. She was a drama student in her school days as well, and they believe it was this attraction (performing) that originally brought them together. Having worked with a variety of community groups and charities in her other careers Jen has shown herself to excel when it comes to their business! And now they have decided to give back to their friends and the community in general with products that everyone can use.

I would highly recommend them...

Sean Baptiste
local celebrity

"They try to make it as comfortable of an experience for everyone..."

Greg Ross
Local Celebrity